Bluetooth Speaker Kivee KV-MW08

Bluetooth Speaker Kivee KV-MW08


  • Product model : KV-MW08
  • Color : white, pink, blue
  • Brand : Kivee



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  1. Unique design, egg-shaped appearance, 2. Good horns have good sound quality, full bass, high-pitched sound, give you a hearing feast 3. Exquisite and compact, one-handed grip

4, small size, large energy, strong battery life, can play for 4 hours

5, Bluetooth compatibility is strong, compatible with most Bluetooth connections on the market 6, the connection distance can reach 10 meters 7, creative structure design, press the bounce, open the music to enjoy the road 8, decompression artifact, tumbler design principle



8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

Available Colors

Pink, White


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