Car Holder Kivee KV-UC 04

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Car Holder Kivee KV-UC 04


  • Product model :KV-UC 04
  • Color : black
  • Brand : Kivee



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1. Large and small screens are available, and compatibility is strong;
2. 10,000 times of water-washing nano-adhesive bottom solidification suction cup, which can be cleaned and reused;
3. Adsorption instrument panel, front glass installation;
4. Automatic switch lock mobile phone function, easy to use;
360 degree rotating bracket, more convenient to use;
5. Exquisite structure, high quality;
6. Self-contained telescopic rod, the length angle is compatible with various scenes, and the trigger type is clamped to the mobile phone, which can be operated by one hand;

8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

Available Colors

Pink, White


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